Back-to-school season is a time for kids to get excited about their new school year and start planning their outfits. For many employees, it’s also a time to reflect on how they handled the pandemic.

To get a sense of how employees are feeling about the upcoming transition, we conducted a survey about 450 individuals who have been working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost 70% of them worked in an office before the outbreak, and most of them will be back in the office by the end of 2021.

As workers get ready to return to work, they often report mixed feelings about their new environment. Some people are worried about their health, while others are excited to get back to a place that’s familiar. There’s more to this story, and we hope to help you navigate it.

Like going back to school, returning to work can also bring mixed emotions. According to a survey, over half of workers say they’re excited to get back to work, while a third say they’re nervous and almost one in four say they’re not excited at all.

Since many people have been home for over a year, the anticipation of returning to work is understandable. However, many people are still worried about the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their health. To help ease the concerns of returning employees, employers can establish policies that will make the office a safer place.

Hybrid arrangements are also being considered as a way to accommodate employees who have been working from home due to the pandemic.

Almost three-fourths of workers would prefer to work in a hybrid schedule, where they can spend up to three days in the office and up to two to three days in the rest room. However, almost half of them would prefer to work full-time.

The good news is that almost half of those who have been working from home say they’ll be able to have their preferred schedule. However, almost a third of them still have not decided.

Before the outbreak, over half of those who participated in the survey said they enjoyed working in the office. However, 27% said they were neutral.

The survey also revealed that the pandemic had a significant impact on the attitudes of workers who have been working from home. Not only did it change their perspectives on the office, but it also made them less focused on its role.

Being at work is more than just about completing tasks. It’s also about building relationships with the people around you.

Despite the availability of videoconferencing, many workers still miss the interactions they used to have with their regular co-workers. According to the survey, over half of those who have been working from home say they’re excited to get back to work, while a third are nervous about missing their old crew.