For women in business, the ambition to become an entrepreneur can be exciting. The problem that many are faced with involves the starting point. If you’re an aspiring female entrepreneur, then fear not. Startup Savant recently listed seven blogs for women in business.


Leaders in Heels


The mission of Leaders in Heels is to nurture, inspire, and empower women. From confidence building to dressing for success, Leaders in Heels has you covered. The blog also provides tips for e-commerce, social media, web development, public relations, finance marketing, and more. You can even purchase planners, notebooks, and journals that include tips on how to stay motivated.


See Girl Work


This blog helps women come up with a business plan as well as building a brand. You’ll also get a jump on the competition by having access to blog trends. The website even gives you tips on how to be comfortable in front of a camera.


Classy Career Girl


Classy Career Girl’s aim is to provide career fulfillment for all women. The blog is heavy on podcasting. You can listen to renowned female business leaders cover training sessions, interviews, and more. You will also hear success stories to keep you motivated.


Ladies Make Money


Women in business are well aware of the rise in remote work, and that’s where Ladies Make Money shines. You will receive helpful tips on working abroad. The blog even provides positive affirmations to keep you going.


Punched Clocks


Sometimes life throws you obstacles you weren’t anticipating, such as losing your job. Punched Clocks gives you tips on how to deal with career changes. The blog offers advice on how to turn a negative situation into a positive one. There are also negotiation tactics to give you the upper hand.


She Did It Her Way


If you feel there is a roadblock to your success, She Did It Her Way will help you get over the hump. Here, you will find assistance on how to ditch the scarcity mindset that could be holding you back. The blog is big on helping you overcome your fears.


Female Entrepreneur Association


All female entrepreneurs start somewhere, and this blog will give you business 101. You will learn about business basics, personal development, business growth, and more.