It is critical, now more than ever, to create a work environment that is supportive and conducive for employees to do their best work possible. The more supportive and ideal the workplace is, the better the output will be. This extends to many facets of running a business and has to be both implicit within the policy and expressed in the way that employees are treated. It is both a means of establishing how employees should treat each other and the business, and being a representation of that yourself.

Here are some tips for fostering a supportive workplace:

Acknowledge and Celebrate Achievement

It is important to celebrate when an employee does something good, or the company reaches or exceeds a goal. Find reliable ways to celebrate victories, and put incentives in front of employees to encourage them to work their hardest.

This not only encourages employees to excel at their job, but it also creates a company culture where employees will celebrate each other’s achievements and become accustomed to giving and accepting praise.

Give Employees Independence

By giving employees a certain amount of independence, you are reinforcing the fact that you trust their judgment, skills, and role in the company. It will provide them with the confidence to feel empowered and valued in their position.

Organize Non-Work Related Activities

Organizing events and activities for your employees outside of work is so necessary for your employees to build bonds and learn to collaborate. There are so many opportunities for things to do–you can organize a company happy hour or ice cream run, or even have your team get involved with philanthropy or work to give back to the local community.

Acknowledge that Employees Have a Life Outside of Work

Treating employees like their only purpose and the single aspect of their life is to work is one of the biggest mistakes that a company and employer can make. This can look like many things. One is just having compassion and treating employees with kindness and human decency, both in person and regarding policy.