Female entrepreneurs can take free online classes by taking advantage of these three resources.

Harvard University

Harvard is often regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Many people do not know that they can take Harvard courses for free. One can simply go to the university’s website where classes are offered in various subject areas. Female entrepreneurs should check out the website’s business section specifically. Courses include learning how to pursue entrepreneurship in developing countries. They can also learn how to become more resilient leaders. Most of Harvard’s classes are taught by distinguished faculty with a myriad of professional credentials. These professors also have a great deal of business experience. They are practitioners in their respective fields. Instead of retiring, they chose to cultivate the minds of pioneers and future leaders.


Google offers free career certificates for everyone. The company regards these certificates as the equivalent of four-year degrees. Therefore, Google’s certificate program is a great alternative for people hesitant to pursue expensive college degrees. Female entrepreneurs can learn how to make data-driven decisions by enrolling in the data analytics program. They can also become effective managers by taking the project management course, learning at their own pace. This is perfect for busy entrepreneurs with multiple priorities. They can go through these courses at night or during the weekend. Participants can even track their progress and save their work and will know exactly what to do when they sign back in.


Aspiring entrepreneurs can watch an array YouTube videos created by business veterans. For example, Sara Blakely talks about the lessons that she has learned throughout the years. Many of these content creators are financially successful. They simply want to forge the next generation of entrepreneurs. However, keep in mind that there are also scammers out there looking to make a quick buck. They make videos with vague messages and tell people to buy their courses. Aspiring entrepreneurs should stay away from these people. They must research every content creator they follow. Make sure the creators have a comprehensive LinkedIn profile. They should be fully transparent with their business ventures.

By utilizing these online resources, female entrepreneurs will obtain knowledge that they can use to make their businesses profitable.