Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott

CEO at Commonwealth Capital Corp.

Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott is a value-driven innovator on a mission to empower fellow female entrepreneurs. Kimberly is the Chief Executive Officer, Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Commonwealth Capital Corporation. She is currently based in the Tampa Bay Area and possesses almost four decades of expertise and experience in the financial services industry, specifically in real estate, energy, and leasing sectors.

“Commonwealth is an independent leasing company in operation since 1978, which makes us 40 years in operation this year. Our focus is to provide Corporate America with IT, Materials Handling, Medical Tech and Telecom leasing solutions.”

-Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott, on her work with Commonwealth Capital Corp.

While she has had an impressive career spanning four decades Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott has always made it a point to empower women through her work. She is the sole shareholder of CCC and has become one of a growing community of female corporate leaders. Kimberly constantly searches for ways to advance business opportunities between women-owned businesses and corporations to inspire and motivate other female leaders not just in the finance industry, but across the board. Through her outstanding work at Commonwealth Capital Corp she established an efficient business plan that transitioned the company from a passive funding source to a direct originator. Furthermore CCC grew in its capabilities, entered new markets and expanded enormously under her leadership.

Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott formerly worked as the Senior Vice President for the Richmond, VA based regional broker and dealer, Wheat First Butcher Singer. Her responsibilities included performing product and sponsor due diligence and as well as serving as the Marketing Manager for the Alternative Investments Division. After a 17 year stint with Wheat First, Kimberly began working for Commonwealth Capital Corp (CCC), which offer equipment finance options to corporate America and specializes in leasing information and medical technology, telecommunications leasing and is a distributor of alternative investment equipment. The company has three primary businesses under the parent company, CCC. She began her career at Commonwealth as the Executive Vice President, Board of Directors member, and Chief Operations & Business Development Officer. In 2006 Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the parent company. Around the time of her initial hiring she founded the securities branch, CSCC, where she took supplemental duties as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors until 2016. She was mainly responsible for risk management, business strategy, product development, due diligence and parent-company compliance.

To further her career and the careers of other female entrepreneurs Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott wields her influence in a number of groups of which she is a member including: National Association of Women Business Owners, Women Presidents’ Organization, Association for Corporate Growth, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, and is a Certified Member of the Women’s Business Enterprise Center of PA, NJ, and DE. It comes as no surprise that Kimberly has won numerous awards for her dedication to uplifting female entrepreneurs and her unmatched leadership skills. Most notably, in early 2018, Kimberly received the Enterprising Woman of the Year Champion Award. This prestigious award recognizes those who demonstrate admirable traits/skills such as mentorship, supporting the growth of female entrepreneurship and a history of solid business leadership skills. Kimberly has also won several leadership awards, several Smart CEO Awards, and has been ranked in the Top 500 Women Owned Businesses in the United States a whopping three times in the past five years.