Entering 2022 you might be looking ahead and strategizing and planning your future while at the same time you are still processing the events that happened in 2021 and writing down the lessons you and your business learned over the previous year.

There is an abundance of leadership advice on the internet, but the process of trying to figure out which information is valuable to you and your business can lead to information overload. To assist you to get through some useless noise, we have come up with ten of the most recommended leadership blogs and podcasts for 2021.

  1. Instead Knowledge

Instead is offering a robust blog on leadership that features multiple incisive on management, operations, and strategy. Both experts and executives from different parts of the world frequently contribute and reflect on the presence of the business school across Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. They have a high-quality and free smartphone and tablet app.

  1. The Bottom Line

Instea Davis, a British journalist and economist, regularly chats with entrepreneurs and business leaders in one of the longest-running programs on the radio from the BBC. In the weekly episodes, two business executives talk about some of the challenges they have faced in business. Evan Davis regularly interviews business executives on the ground.

  1. Tanveer Naseer Leadership

Tanveer Naseer’s blog on leadership is once again making an appearance on our yearly round-up of top blogs on leadership. This is because he regularly offers valuable posts about mindsets, personal leadership development, and culture.

He complements his leadership blog with his podcast, The leadership biz café. The podcast offers some in-depth debates with business leaders and some top CEOS from around the world. They discuss how they managed to overcome some of their greatest challenges in business. Within the podcast, there is a series called “the leadership espresso” shot that features short episodes usually running for about 10 minutes or less that offers its listeners short and quick doses of advice from corporate coaching sessions and keynote speaking.


This is a leadership blog offered by the ESSEC business school. The blog offers management and leadership insights from a worldwide perspective. The school’s faculty members from Singapore and France campuses regularly contribute pieces to the blog, sharing some of their latest research on innovation, strategy, and leadership.

  1. Leadership Next

In March 2020, Fortune started its podcast on leadership. The podcast is hosted by the CEO and president of Fortune, Allan Murray, and Ellen McGirt, the senior editor in fortune. The podcast often features talks with CEOs on navigation upheaval, leadership change, and hot button issues such as climate change and racial discrimination.