Lauren Maillian is a well-known personality in the digitally recognized world. She is an agent committed to bringing innovation, diversity, and creativity to the business and entrepreneurship industries. In addition to this, she has dramatically worked on women’s empowerment, currently serving as the CEO of digitalundivided. This is a social start-up that enhances economic growth for Black and Latinx women entrepreneurs.

This startup is quite necessary in helping to organize systems and processes to assist more people in finding ways to contribute to society through innovation. As more organizations help bring about more information, support, and value to these communities, one can see progress in these areas as well.

She leads this organization in bridging the gap between the present and future in these areas. Being the first woman to initiate a capital fund venture, Lauren has written many bestselling memoirs and has even served as an advisor to Pipeline Venture.

Defying the Odds
This is not an overnight process, as all entrepreneurs will understand. Lauren has been working for many years to achieve her success. She has so far worked for 17 consistent years, defied the odds, and made a solid concrete path towards being an innovative and creative entrepreneur.

Being a co-founder of her brand, Sugarleaf Vineyards, Lauren has established a standard for women of color. Primarily through her marketing company, she has paved a smooth path for female entrepreneurs. She did this by promoting Estee Lauder, various forms of media, and Walmart for women of color. This highlighted the worth of women of color and established their place as successful entrepreneurs throughout the business market.

Eradicating Stereotypes
Lauren has been well aware of how women of color have been a target for many different crises, whether it be a financial, military, or ethnic crisis. She has been doing much through her platform, digitalundivided, to eradicate Latinx and Black women stereotypes. digitalundivided has tracked data and statistics based on Latinx and Black women’s business, including their access to funding and their comparison with males in funding priorities. digitalundivided found that a higher ratio of Black and Latinx women are building high growth companies but are receiving less than half of the 1 percent venture.

Lauren was honored for this drastic shift and positive change brought in favor of Black and Latinx women everywhere.