Putri Coffee is a start-up brand that offers a taste of Indonesia in its luxury brand. Cintha Putri’s start-up shares the distinct taste of coffee from her homeland, giving an opportunity to her homeland’s women farmers who harvest it. Her home town is Aceh on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.


Although nonalcoholic, wine coffee is named because the coffee bean is allowed to ferment inside the cherry for 40 days to get its unique flavor. The second coffee in her staple, Kopi Luwak, is processed after the cherries have been eaten and digested by a wild, cat-like animal called civets. Cintha Puthr imports and sells wine, coffee, and Kopi Luwak at PutriCoffee.com. The wild Luwak can be bought as whole roasted beans and the wine coffee in both whole and ground roasted beans and in K-cups. Retailers and coffee roasters should contact the company for the green beans program and ordering, while online and retail customers can order beans roasted in small batches for freshness.


The farmers are women in her home city of Aceh, an area with nutrient-rich volcanic soil. This allows Cintha Putri to support the community where she grew up. Fifteen years ago, she was an aspiring tennis player. She earned her Bachelor’s in business administration and majored in finance. After spending five years working as a business development manager to Asia Pacific for an IT company, she is now strengthening her community in Indonesia, raising a toddler, and trying to develop her new coffee business.


Cintha Putri has the support of the San Francisco Indonesian Consulate General. She is the first woman entrepreneur from Aceh, Indonesia, and the first to import unique coffees to Seattle. She is also the first to source her brands directly from the women farmers of Aceh. She told Forbes.com that it gives her a real sense of community and a company that feels like family. The article also told of the rise of specialty coffee and the demand influenced by younger and millennial coffee drinkers on the market.


Putri Coffee also supports the Leuser Ecosystem that rescues animals in Indonesia. Its a habitat of many endangered animals, including elephants, the Sumatran tiger, and rhinos. Cintha Putri now calls Seattle home and appreciates the city having high-quality roasting. She wants the best roasting for her rare, unique coffee brand. She wants to encourage women in developing countries to dream big and overcome all obstacles. If they never give up on their dreams, they too can become successful.


When Cintha Putri wanted a taste of home in her morning coffee, she started a unique, luxury, rare coffee brand, Putri Coffee LLC.