Videos by Kimberly Springsteen-Abbot

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Defeat Insecurity

Kimberly Springsteen-Abbot shares some advice for female entrepreneurs dealing with insecurity and self-doubt.

How Do Employees Feel About Returning to the Office?

Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott shares how employees are feeling about returning the office after working remotely.

How Your Business Can Invest in Your Local Community

In this video, discover how your business can invest in your local community via Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott.

Funding and Start Ups: A Legal Perspective

Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott gives a legal perspective on the relationship between funding and start-ups.

How to Improve Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace

Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott explains how leaders can improve employee satisfaction in the workplace.

Tips for Communicating with Your Remote Team

Kimberly Springsteen-Abbott shares some advice on how to maintain productive communication with a remote team.