There are a lot of websites out there that can help women business owners. Whether they need to find a mentor, get advice on how to manage their staff, or learn about the latest trends in marketing and advertising, these sites have it all! This blog post will share our top five recommendations for the best websites for female entrepreneurs to visit.


1. American Business Women’s Association


This organization gives its members access to a variety of resources that are aimed at helping professional women excel in the workplace. Members also have the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs through various workshops, conferences, and seminars. It’s a great place for women to learn and an amazing community of like-minded individuals looking to achieve the same goals.


2. Committee of 200


Women business owners who have received many awards in their careers may want to consider joining the Committee of 200. This organization consists of executives from some of America’s top companies. The members are involved in mentoring and providing advice for upcoming female leaders.


3. Ellevate Network 


Ellevate is a large community that connects women business owners to other successful professionals in various industries across the world. Their network is made up of both men and women working together to achieve the same goal: helping lady bosses succeed! Many benefits are associated with joining Ellevate, including access to seminars, webinars, networking events, and even educational courses.


4. Forbes Woman 


Another great resource for women entrepreneurs is ForbesWoman. This website offers a ton of helpful articles written by some top female business minds and those looking for guidance for the first time. There are articles covering topics such as finding office space, managing employees, and many other challenges that all up-and-comers need to know about. Visit their site regularly to stay up to date on the latest advice from industry experts.


5. National Women’s Business Council 


The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) is a government website with plenty of information and resources related to women in business. The NWBC was created through the passing of the Women in Business Development Act in 1988, which congresswoman Elizabeth Furse originally proposed. Many founders and entrepreneurs have credited their success to this site because it provides real insight into getting their small business off the ground. If they are interested, there are many free seminars available on their site that will teach them about starting up their very own business!