Are you interested in getting online material for women in entrepreneurship and leadership? Written by women for like-minded women in business, they provide female entrepreneurs with much-needed lessons and a forum to get inspiration, advice, or an avenue to bond with leaders in their fields.


1. She Owns It


Focus on these women’s can-do attitudes provides mentorship from business leaders for women already in business and those aspiring and addresses technological inventions that could boost their businesses.


2. Women 2.0


This blog catches the interest of those who own businesses related to technology, covering startups, investing, fundraising, politics, and technology. As an added advantage, the site recently launched Lane, a platform that connects talented female tech gurus with recruiters at top firms like Twitter, Blackrock, and Craigslist, among others.


3. Leaders in Heels


This blog was created to inspire, nurture and empower women in leadership and entrepreneurship.


Successful women entrepreneurs based in industries globally provide career lessons aimed at increasing self-confidence and overcoming mediocrity. Extras offered include personal finance, relationships, and parenting.


4. Classy Career Girl


Dedicated to guiding women to lead fulfilling careers, this blog aims to provide advice on diverse topics ranging from business card etiquette to multi-tasking while commuting. They also offer online boot camps for those who need inspiration to cover time management, learn how to conduct side hustles, and advice on how to network to land that new job.


5. Work at Home Woman


This blog was developed by Holly Reisem Hanna, a mother and businesswoman. It aims to empower women to succeed in their careers while still managing the house. It provides actionable advice to sell things online or proposals for businesses one can start from the comfort of their home.


6. The League of Her Own


This blog addresses areas that interest female entrepreneurs, covering areas that affect women like running a business while pregnant and providing advice on attracting customers through Instagram. Besides their blog posts, they have videos focusing on business and a program that provides its members with access to additional resources.


7. Female Entrepreneur Association


This blog provides podcast interviews and 10-minute videos of female bosses while also providing actionable guides on how to increase one’s Instagram following. Women business owners benefit from the How She Did It series, where hundreds of businesswomen document their business success stories. Bloggers, however, have to put down their names on a waiting list to contribute.