Why Women are Quitting

The Great Resignation of 2021 will go down in the history books. More than 40% of Americans have decided that it is time to say “Adios” to their current jobs. Why are so many people deciding to leave their jobs? The biggest reason is that more and more individuals are looking for a purpose in their careers. During the pandemic, many women were able to spend more time at home and alone. They were able to use this time to think about their lives and what they wanted to get out of their lives. It has never been so clear how short life can be. A working woman spends more time at her job than she spends with her family, and these women want to be able to give their time to a career that is fulfilling. They want to get out of corporate America, and they want to follow their passions. There are more women who own small businesses than ever before, and more women are stepping up to the plate. With that in mind, there are three things that aspiring female entrepreneurs should keep in mind.

#1 Align Your Passion with Your Career Goals

When entering the world of entrepreneurship, a woman does well to make sure that her passion is really aligned with her goals in life. It is easy to find information about how to follow a certain career, but will the end result align with future goals? Much time could be wasted on a passion project that will not result in real gains. Separate from that, a woman could easily get involved in her own career, but if the goal was to be able to spend time with family, working 50 hours a week is not going to be ideal. It is wise to consider the realities of a path before walking down it.

#2 Invest with Care

Investing in a self-owned business is more than worth the investment; this is only true if the investment is right. There are hundreds of courses, webinars, classes and videos that are supposed to help a woman find success in her career, but they are not all created equal, and they are not all going to get a woman to the place that she needs to go in her business. Before investing in business development materials or education, research is imperative.

#3 Set the Right Priorities

A woman who has made the savvy decision to become an entrepreneur has to use caution. Starting a new business can be challenging, and a woman can easily find herself overwhelmed and slacking off when it comes to self-care. A good leader is healthy and balanced. Without good health, a person’s aspirations are invalid. No one is able to grow a business from a hospital bed, so wise female business owners make personal care a priority.

Make a Decision from Knowledge

Now is a wonderful time to join the throngs of individuals who have decided that they are no longer satisfied with what corporate America has to offer. Making the move to become a small business owner can be thrilling and satisfying, but more than emotion is needed. Before making a move to quit a corporate job, savvy entrepreneurs do their due diligence in order to know when is the right time to make the shift.